A Second Hideaway

We have a concert to go to this weekend and I was looking to make something to wear for it. I’ve been itching to make the short-sleeved version of the Hideaway and thought that this was the perfect excuse to try it out.

While I love the original sweater that I made from this pattern, this version is sort of “meh”. For starters, the short sleeved version has you using a completely different body style (the only way you can make the short sleeve is to use view B  “a relaxed flowy fit through the lower waist/hip and less fabric through the upper arms, with a high-low hemline”) which doesn’t look as flattering, in my humble opinion. My second issue is that the fabric seems “stiff” so it doesn’t have the drape that I was hoping for: I’m not sure if it’s just the weight of the panel or if it just needs a few washings to soften up. I plan on tossing this in the wash (maybe on hot to shrink it some too) and see what happens.

In the mean time, I’m on the fence as to if I’ll wear this. I’m toying with the idea of making a Rebel Choker in a fabulous tattoo print to wear instead (or just wear one of the versions I’ve made before), but we’ll see what kind of time I have to do that.