Skipper, The Comfiest Shirt

Without a doubt, this shirt is one of the comfiest that I own.

This week I managed to put together Seamwork’s latest pattern, Skipper, and paired it up with a wonderfully soft French Terry to make this shirt (which will probably become a wardrobe staple). This was a great “quick sew” – everything came together nicely (i.e. all the pieces lined up well) and the instructions were very straightforward (honestly, if you’ve made a knit shirt before, you can probably skip the instructions all together). In the end, I did wind up adding a pocket (even though I said that I hated how large it was) – about half way through sewing this up, I realized that adding a pocket added something extra to the shirt and help differentiate the front from the back without having to add a tag. I managed to blend in the pocket well enough that it doesn’t overtly stand out, but I know it’s there!

As for the fit, it’s very comfortable. This sweatshirt is meant to be a bit over-sized and boxy, but because my fabric has less structure than Seamwork’s models, mine has a bit of drape looks more flattering (IMHO) when worn. If it wasn’t a snow day yesterday, I would have gone out and tried to find fabric to make a pair of coordinating Shelly leggings so I had an entire outfit ready for the weekend (I’ll be honest, it’s so cold out today, I’m not sure I’ll even do it this afternoon).

One thought on “Skipper, The Comfiest Shirt

  1. Beth

    Stacy, I am working up the courage to try garment sewing. Is Seamwork a good way to try? I have done quilting and over time made boys (now they’re adults, so they tell me!) Halloween costumes and jammies.

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