One of my goals for this year to to use my Seamwork subscription effectively – I would love to sew up at least one item each month from the current issue (admittedly, I get sidetracked by other projects and put a lot of them off). This month’s casual look is right up my alley and I’m hoping to give both of these a whirl. Up first, Skipper:

I didn’t have enough of the original material I had selected (which looks very similar to the one I’m planning on cutting into… apparently, I went through a floral stripe buying phase) so I went with this Coral Harper floral stripe French Terry from So Sew English fabrics. It’s much thinner than the pattern photos so I fully expect to get a different look since it will have a lot more drape. I’m also contemplating eliminating the pocket – it’s HUGE and I’m not sure I want to try to pattern match this print. I’d also love to find a great brushed navy athletic fabric (or even a coral!) for the Shelly so that I would have some coordinating leggings, but that may be asking for too much.