Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everyone! It’s hard to believe that the holidays are (almost) over and it’s time to get back to a “regular” schedule around here. While I don’t really make any new year’s resolutions, I am vowing that I will make sure that there aren’t as many blog gaps through the week – I’m planning on being a bit more disciplined about writing about projects. Speaking of, I’m closing out 2017 and sharing my progress from the year. Here’s the breakdown:

  • I sewed 118.3 total yards last year, but only 37.83 yards of it was from stash. I realized that most of my “stashed” projects had very small fabric requirements and wound up buying larger quantities for newer patterns.
  • I sewed 111 total projects – some of these were multiples of the same item (like these non-slip headbands that I binged sewed), but I counted them individually.
  • Of these projects, 32 were self drafted (again, some were multiples), while Jalie continued to be my favorite pattern designer (with a total of 26 projects).
  • George & Ginger came up as my second favorite pattern maker (with a total of 15 projects). However, I wound up doing pattern testing for her this year so many of these were “test” garments and had multiple items made as she redrafted some garments. I”m unsure if I’ll be doing testing again for her in the future, but stay tuned!
  • Peek-a-Boo Patterns was also a favorite with 7 items sewn from her designs. Easton is almost out of many of her boy sizes so we’ll see if this effects how many I stitch up in the coming year. Hopefully she drafts a few more women’s patterns, I’m always pleased with their fit.
  • Also rounding out the favorites are Betz White‘s various bags and accessories, Hot Patterns, a few items from Sew News, and Striped Swallow Designs (which was a new one for me this year).