I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas yesterday. I know that the day went way too fast and today we’ve reached the holiday crash! Even though the festivities are over, I managed to sneak in one more project before the big day (although not sewing related). I had been seeing quite a few Santa plaques\signs around the internet and wanted to give it a whirl and here is my attempt.

I took an inexpensive board and stained it (I think it might look good white, too), trimmed a gift bag to find the boards, then mod podged them on. After everything was dry, I used a sander to buff the edges to give and worn, vintage look. I liked the end result, but think that I could have buffed the edges a bit more. Unfortunately, I wore the sanding pad out too much and didn’t have a replacement so I settled for this! Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to do this again next year for gift giving – I feel like I’ve learned what to do a bit better and things may go much smoother… this was my second attempt, my first went into the trash!

3 thoughts on “Santa

  1. SplintersNStitches

    Oh that’s cute! So can you use those thicker bags, or does it have to be a thin paper one? I’ve got some pretty bags that are a bit too beat up to use for actual gifting (and we can’t just throw them away, that would be too sensible…) and this might be the perfect use for them!

  2. stacy Post author

    These were thicker (from the Dollar Tree) so they should work! And if they are already roughed up some, they would be perfect for this!

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