Tea Towels

For the past several years, I’ve done the fun Spoonflower Calendar Tea Towels. They make great gifts and really don’t take that long to make…. I just have to get my rear in gear and do it because the sewing isn’t fun, IMHO. With Christmas just a few days away, I finally sat down and make this years:

I wound up not sewing one, completely…. this Vintage Dress Calendar. I was very excited when I ordered it, but whoever designed it did a horrible job – the image is blurry (I am guessing from blowing up the cover of a pattern) and is just overall disappointing so I couldn’t bring myself to actually put it together right now. The rest? Adorable. I also got a few Prohibition Cocktails tea towels as well – I thought they made great “guy” gifts (I paired this up with a mixed drink recipe party glass). NOW I’m ready for Christmas!