Last Minute Gifts

With Christmas less than a week away and the last days of school for the year up ahead, it was time to sit down and do some last minute gifts for teachers. This year, I tried out “floating ornaments” – basically an embellished (or printed) piece of acetate that sits inside an clear glass ornament.


While I thought that they were super cool last year, now that I’ve made them and seen them in person I’m not as impressed. I wound up with 2 (I screwed up one and then realized that I didn’t have enough ornaments in that size after that) and couldn’t decide if I like them “filled” or not so I did one with and one without. I think that the filled version is easier to see while it’s hanging, but the unfilled version looks better on the tree. Fortunately, I had a few other items on hand to do as gifts so all is not lost. Next year, I’ve told myself to start crafting sooner!