Stroopwafel & Crown

I was so wrong. I really thought today that I would be posting a Linky Thursday, but instead, I am still sitting in my pajamas, drinking coffee and eating Stroopwafels. Bret has been traveling a lot lately, so while he was gone he was nice enough to stop by a Trader Joes for some seasonal goodies.

Even though the links won’t happen this week (I promise I’ll be more on the ball next week), I will show you a part of my latest project which involves Crown Royal bags. I am currently cutting them up and turning them into a whole piece of fabric to make a pair of shorts for Taylor’s roommate’s fiancee. Beware, this project will give you neck pain and carpel tunnel:


One thought on “Stroopwafel & Crown

  1. Colleen Patterson

    If at any time you get an opportunity to eat stroopwafel, you can be assured that is exactly the path your life should take. Don’t second guess yourself, it’s always a good time for stroopwafel.

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