More Ornaments

Apparently this is the week of ornaments…. my latest is a Rae Dunn inspired set. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know who Rae Dunn was, but a lot of folks on Facebook groups were making these (and apparently Etsy is going crazy with them too) and I thought they were too adorable to not try myself.

To make these, it seems as if most people use the The Skinny font, upload it to Inkscape, and then import it into the Cricut software. I’m not very familiar with that program and couldn’t ever get it to look quite right when I moved it to Cricut so I just scrapped the whole idea and used a font that was already on Cricut. To get the “skinny” look I just unlocked the sizing ration and pulled it down until I liked the way it looked – it was a whole lot easier, in my opinion, and the font is a bit thicker and easier to work with.

Making the lettering was the easy part, applying the lettering was not. I discovered that putting a rectangular item on a round object is not fun. I made some snips into the transfer tape that seemed to help, but overall it seemed to be a lot of work that took much longer than what I expected. I added a bow to the top of each ornament, and put them all into a bucket that I embellished and called it good! I have no idea what I am doing with these (they may become a teacher gift), but I felt compelled to give this project a try…. next year I may just buy the original because it’s a lot less stress.

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