Jimmy Jammies Pt. 1

Shhh. I’ve become that person. I’ve become the person that dresses up their dog. Actually, this whole idea came about when talking about Christmas. Every year on Christmas Eve, we open a new set of pajamas. Since this is Jimmy’s first year with us, we decided he needed some too. So, I purchased a Dog Pajama Onesie pattern from Etsy and here is my muslin.

Let me start off by saying that this pattern is designed for small dogs… because Jimmy is considered an XXL in this (normally he would be considered “small” in ready-to wear dog stuff as he measures in about 21 lbs.). So if you’re thinking about working with this pattern, be sure to look at the sizing first because your pet may be wildly different than what you would expect. Secondly, expect that you’ll have to make some alterations as well.  This is the first time I’ve ever done dog clothing mods so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but according to the chart, I needed to take off a bit of the girth (about 1″) and extend the length (about 3″). While I think the girth looks good, the length is too much – his tail is holding up the rear end (otherwise it would have gone way past his behind) and he can almost walk out of the hind legs (plus the middle section is a bit floppy).

This time around I may just try extending the length about 1″ instead and make sure that I use a 4-way stretch so that if it is a bit short, it can stretch out over his body some and still be comfortable. I also plan on shortening the neckband some – it’s too wide (IMHO) and looks too much like a turtleneck.

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