Another Rebel

I still have a few items in my “cut projects” pile, so in an effort to dwindle it down (and finally get to wear what I’ve been daydreaming about), I grabbed another one from the pile. This time I opted for the George & Ginger Rebel Choker in a double brushed poly camo print from SoSewEnglish.

I was very excited about this project initially. I had seen a similar top (but in a more distressed color print) and had wanted to recreate it. The end result? Meh. While I love my previous version, this one just doesn’t do it for me…. it may be all that brown (a color that I don’t wear that much) or just the print in general that doesn’t work. Either way, I’m a bit disappointed. I’ll wear it eventually, but it definitely isn’t a favorite.

As a side note, I did make a small change in this top. When I sewed the shoulder seam, I left 1/4″ on the inside edge of the back open so that when I attached the back collar, it nested nicely inside. This was something that I thought needed to be done in my first version of the top.