Hot Dog!

This year, Easton decided that he wanted to be the Snapchat Dancing Hot Dog for Halloween – which meant that I didn’t have to sew a costume this year….. Except that Easton decided he needed to look “more authentic” and wanted a shirt and pants that matched the hot dog in some way. So, I headed to the store to find something that “matched”, the closest I came was a tan rayonish knit from Joann’s.

Let me start off by saying the material itself was horrible. It easily ran, was thin, and only had 2 way stretch (although Joann’s rarely sell’s anything with 4-way), but I didn’t have time to buy anything online that was better and it’s just something that will be worn for a night. I wound up using two Jalie patterns for the shirt and tights – the Nico for the top (because I had this one already out from the other day)  and 2920 for the bottoms.

Since the fabric didn’t have a 4 way stretch, I added about 3″ to the length of the tights…. this wasn’t quite enough as they hiked up quite a bit as he wore them. I also didn’t consider that the would also need a slightly higher rise as well, so the fit dipped down a bit too much in the back. (The shirt, however, worked just fine). Overall, Easton liked the look under his costume, but hated the tights. He also looked a bit strange when he took the hotdog suit off – like he was ready to go streaking. But it worked for the night and everyone was happy. But the real lesson? Never, ever use a 2 way stretch for leggings even if you add some length.

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