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Pioneer Woman

Admittedly, I didn’t get as much accomplished last week as what I had intended. I did work on a few projects that I’ll get to show soon, but in the mean time I’ll share this: my picture of Easton and I with the Pioneer Woman.

We went to Ree Drummond’s book signing last week (which was insanely large) where I wore the floral and stripe raglan that I made last year. The whole experience inspired Easton to want to take up cooking and even requested his own (autographed) cookbook as well. Of course, I obliged because if he really does take up cooking, I’d be thrilled.

Now it’s back to the sewing room this week to work on a few top secret projects and attempt to sew down some fabrics that have been coming in. I’m on the hunt for long cardigan pattern that I can use with some sweater knits this year – I’m up for suggestions if anyone has one!

Linky Thursday

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Even if you’re not a quilter, this dresden pillow project should be easy to stitch together – and with showstopping results, too!

Raglan tees have to be my favorite style of shirt. Now you can sew up one for your child with this free pattern (sizes 2-14).

Fabrics In

I’m not going to lie. When this fabric order came in, I did say to myself, “What did I do?” But then I fondled all my goodies and realized that I have lots of plans… now let’s hope I can make all those plans a reality!

So this is my latest order from So Sew English Fabrics. It’s a mix of sweater knits, French terry, double brushed poly, and a cool distressed camo knit. A majority of them I know what I want to do with (except the distressed camo and I’m open to ideas on that one) so it’s really just a matter of buckling down and working on them. I’m torn between starting the football print (I also bought a football vinyl for the Cricut to make something for it) or using the sweater knits for a new shirt that was inspired by this photo.

Another Rebel

I still have a few items in my “cut projects” pile, so in an effort to dwindle it down (and finally get to wear what I’ve been daydreaming about), I grabbed another one from the pile. This time I opted for the George & Ginger Rebel Choker in a double brushed poly camo print from SoSewEnglish.

I was very excited about this project initially. I had seen a similar top (but in a more distressed color print) and had wanted to recreate it. The end result? Meh. While I love my previous version, this one just doesn’t do it for me…. it may be all that brown (a color that I don’t wear that much) or just the print in general that doesn’t work. Either way, I’m a bit disappointed. I’ll wear it eventually, but it definitely isn’t a favorite.

As a side note, I did make a small change in this top. When I sewed the shoulder seam, I left 1/4″ on the inside edge of the back open so that when I attached the back collar, it nested nicely inside. This was something that I thought needed to be done in my first version of the top.


One of my projects last week became a labor of love…. and I can’t wait to (eventually) show it off. In the mean time, I can give you a sneak peek as to part of it – tassels!

I can’t remember the last time I made a tassel – mostly because I don’t make a lot of home decor projects that call for them. However, for this article, I made a lot. In fact, I forgot how easy they are to make and how much interest they add to what you’re creating. Not to mention the fact that you can make them in just about any color you desire! I’m sure these super colorful versions would be difficult to find in the store.


Rounding out the last of the “Halloween” sewing…. (more) leggings! Earlier last month I had ordered this fun cardigan from Amazon (beware, it does run extremely small), but felt like I needed something else to go with it – why not leggings? So on my last order from SoSewEnglish fabrics, I threw in a yard of the aqua floral skulls double brushed poly – which seemed to have the right vibe for the crochet inset of the cardi.

As for the pattern, I used my all time favorite legging, Jalie 2920. They sewed up well and fit perfect, plus the fabric feels exactly like something Lularoe would sell…. but for much less. In fact, the whole outfit cost as much as what one pair of leggings would be from LLR! Bargain!

Linky Thursday

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Hot Dog!

This year, Easton decided that he wanted to be the Snapchat Dancing Hot Dog for Halloween – which meant that I didn’t have to sew a costume this year….. Except that Easton decided he needed to look “more authentic” and wanted a shirt and pants that matched the hot dog in some way. So, I headed to the store to find something that “matched”, the closest I came was a tan rayonish knit from Joann’s.

Let me start off by saying the material itself was horrible. It easily ran, was thin, and only had 2 way stretch (although Joann’s rarely sell’s anything with 4-way), but I didn’t have time to buy anything online that was better and it’s just something that will be worn for a night. I wound up using two Jalie patterns for the shirt and tights – the Nico for the top (because I had this one already out from the other day)  and 2920 for the bottoms.

Since the fabric didn’t have a 4 way stretch, I added about 3″ to the length of the tights…. this wasn’t quite enough as they hiked up quite a bit as he wore them. I also didn’t consider that the would also need a slightly higher rise as well, so the fit dipped down a bit too much in the back. (The shirt, however, worked just fine). Overall, Easton liked the look under his costume, but hated the tights. He also looked a bit strange when he took the hotdog suit off – like he was ready to go streaking. But it worked for the night and everyone was happy. But the real lesson? Never, ever use a 2 way stretch for leggings even if you add some length.