Sleep Emoji

This week is Red Ribbon week, which means that every day has a theme. Coming up? Pajama day. I realized that we really didn’t have a lot of pajamas that fit any more (aside from the Jingle All the Way set that I just made, but it seems a bit early for Christmas), so I decided to make some. This year’s reading theme is emoji’s so I thought it might be fun to do a pair in some fabric that I had stumbled across at Joann’s. While it’s in the wash, I decided to make a shirt, then I realized how hard it was to find the sleep emoji online. After a search on Etsy, I finally found one – although after purchasing it, was totally disappointed as to how it was designed. Since the face layers couldn’t be separated, I wound up having to cut out part of the white background layer so that I could make the eyes dark while still keeping the “ZZZ” white. Normally it might not be a big deal but the yellow is just translucent enough you can see the cut part behind it. I’m sure no one will notice but me, but I’m still disappointed. At least the white glows and looks cool!