Dem Bones

I went back to my pile of cut projects and pulled out what I thought would be a great hoodie for Halloween… Dem Bones. I had originally purchased this panel because it was so fun that I couldn’t resist and then decided that it would make a great concert going top, but never found the time to sew it up…. so it sat for a year or so before I decided to resurrect it.

I had originally cut the arms, hood, and banding from the same black material as what I used for the body of this raglan, but decided that it was not only a huge shade difference between the panel and the rest of the hoodie, but that the material itself was too thick and stiff for it to be comfortable. I wound up buying  a black cotton from Joann’s that was a much closer match – I think that it blends nicely overall.

As for the pattern, I used Jalie 3355. This was the first time that I had added a hood, but sewing this up wasn’t much different so everything came together very well. The fit is slightly looser than other sweatshirts that I’ve made mostly because the fabric on this one was a cotton lycra and just not as bulky. Now I’m waiting for it to cool down enough for me to wear this – what a warm fall we’ve had!