Cassette Tape Nico

I’m not normally a fan of Joann’s Doodles line for fabrics. While the prints are adorable, the material itself doesn’t (usually) have great stretch and recovery. However when I saw the Cassette Tape print, I caved. I had just stumbled across a retro cassette tape project from Cricut and I decided that I wanted to make a shirt using both elements. I wound up using Jalie’sNico pattern again, but this time went with long sleeves so we can start having “cooler weather shirts” to wear this winter.

The vinyl is changed slightly from the project directions so that it matched the cassette tapes on the fabric better. Instead of going with gray, I opted for silver which shows up better on the shirt (but not so well in photos). Overall, I’m in love with this one – let’s hope Easton feels the same way!

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