Dem Bones Part 1

The weather turned cold(er) yesterday so I finally had a chance to wear my new Rainier Raglan…. and I discovered that the black fabric IS a problem. I have no other way to describe it except that it’s crunchy and stiff. Thankfully it’s just on the front and back so it doesn’t feel horrible to wear, but it’s not “comfortable” either.

I had plans to use this same material for the “Dem Bones” hoodie (sleeves, bands, and hood), but after wearing my shirt, decided to scrap it. Not only were the blacks totally different shades, I envisioned this being totally uncomfortable too (and since the fabrics are different weights, a PITA to sew too). So, I scrapped it and decided to hunt for new fabrics – I settled on a washed out black from Joann’s. It has a similar weight and is closer in tone to the original panel. I wound up purchasing enough to make part of a shirt for Easton as well (I have a panel, but nothing to go with it). Cross your fingers this works out!