Easy Press

After a few weeks of waffling back and forth on whether to buy an Easy Press or not…. I finally caved. It arrived early this week and I tested it out already…. so far, it’s well worth the money!

While I don’t have a regular heat press to compare, I can say this was so much better than my home iron. Not only is the surface larger, but it gets hotter and doesn’t require the insane amount of pressure that I was applying previously. So far, the only drawback would be the actual size it can press – it may be a bit small for large scale designs, but seeing that I don’t do those too often, it may not be that big of a deal.

Since I purchased this, I also bought some new heat transfer vinyl – a few glitters, some flocked (which I need to research on how to cut and press), and printed vinyl (which requires a different technique than what I’m used to).

Now I can’t wait to try this again! Be on the lookout for a lot of fun tees!