First Up

If you caught last week’s post, then you know that I had mentioned that I spent an entire day cutting out projects. The first one I tackled was the Rainier Raglan (I opted for 3/4 sleeves this time), a teal floral print from Knitpop, and a mystery black stretch.

Since this wasn’t my first time making this pattern, I pretty much skipped the instructions, but have found that the Rainier Raglan is well written and comes together nicely. Now the fabric is another story. The black? It is way too thick. Since I can’t remember where I got this one, I don’t remember my original intent for it, but I’m pretty sure that it might have been yoga pants because that’s what the feel reminds me of (although more synthetic than most yoga pants). Because there is such a dramatic difference between the weights of the floral (which is a double brushed poly) and the black, I have a bit of waviness around the shoulder seams which probably isn’t that noticeable to anyone other than myself. I am using this black material again for the Jalie hoodie, but since it’s only for the sleeves and hood, I don’t think it will matter much.

As for the fit, it’s spot on. I thought that the thickness of the black might be an issue, but it actually works well and is flattering on. Now if it will finally cool off outside, I can finally wear this out!