Lots of Cutting

My initial plan yesterday was to finish binge watching Riverdale and stitching up a pair of Eleonore jeans. Even though I find that cutting is my least favorite sewing activity, I found myself on some sort of roll and wound up (tracing) and cutting a few more projects (and never actually got to any sewing). Here’s a breakdown of some of the upcoming projects you’ll be seeing soon:

The Eleonore Jeans. I’ve made this project before and love the results, but finding a good stretch denim is sometimes hard. I stumbled across this Vivid Pink stretch denim at Emma One Sock awhile ago and couldn’t resist picking it up.

Total Cost: $24.17


The Rebel Choker. I recently made a version of this top and loved it so much I decided to make another. I had a strong urge to do this one in camo, but finding what I wanted was difficult (lots of French terry and sweatshirt materials), but stumbled across a double brushed poly bundle listing at SoSewEnglish fabrics for 4 yards for $20 and grabbed one. I now have plenty of left over material to work on other projects too.

Total Cost: $20

I recently saw a cute Cricut project for a cassette tape tee. Then I stumbled across this print at Joann’s and decided that I had to make a shirt with both of these elements. For this project, I’m using my favorite men’s pattern, the Nico, the cassette tape print, and a gray remnant that I found in my stash.

Total Cost: $8.59


Last year I bought a cool Dem Bones panel (with has an almost x-ray looking skeleton torso with a front and back panel view) from RikiPedia Wear with the intent on making a cool sweatshirt\hoodie for Halloween and a concert we were attending. I got sidetracked and it just never happened. Since October is right around the corner, I’m not letting this one sit in the stash another year so I’m using the Jalie Hoodie pattern to finally make this happen.

Total Cost: ???

Someone had recently posted about a raglan shirt that they had wanted to make using a teal\pink floral print with a black body…. and I fell in love. Honestly, I had never thought of that fabric combination before (I had actually purchased that exact print from Knitpop this spring along with a matching pink material instead) so I’ve decided to give it a whirl. For this one I’m using Peek-a-boo Patterns Rainier Raglan and a solid black jersey (although it feels much thicker, but I have no idea where I got it from) that I found in my stash…. I’m thinking I originally purchased it to make yoga pants because it has a much heavier weight than most fabrics I have in my stash.

Total Cost: $8.95

There were a few more that I was inclined to make, but ran out of time to cut… these should keep me busy for awhile anyway! What’s on your cutting table this weekend?

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  1. Colleen Patterson

    Sometimes you find yourself in the mood to do the task you dislike and get it out of the way-I say roll with it when the mood is upon you! LOL! Looks like some great projects coming up!

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