Riot & Rave

Awhile ago I had the opportunity to test George & Ginger’s latest patterns, The Rave and Riot (released this week). It’s difficult to see from the photo, but I tested the angled neckline with 3/4″ sleeves and the mini skirt version of the dress.

I will admit this was a fun little make, but my problem really was with the fabric – Liverpool. While it is listed as a fabric choice for this pattern, I’m not really sure that I would recommend it. The pattern really needs a fabric with a bit more structure and Liverpool just doesn’t have it. I added a bit of interfacing which helped, but it did make the waistband less stretchy so this skirt is really difficult to put on. The top is also very cute, but the details get lost with the suspenders portion of the dress.

My advice? Make the fitted skirt with the flounce (with or without the suspenders, this was a super cute look on everyone) in a stretchy ponte and pair it up with the square neckline shirt… save the angled one for when you can show it off! And please, please, please, skip the Liverpool!