Recently, Taylor needed a denim skirt to wear. She had looked at stores and everything was way too short, so she asked me to make her one. While pattern surfing, we stumbled across the Leonora from Seamwork – it was perfect…. so we thought.

The only modification that we made to this skirt was the omission of the pockets on the front. According to Taylor’s measurements she was the perfect size 8 – so I didn’t even need to adjust any of the pattern pieces. Putting the skirt together was easy. The instructions were great and everything went together well. Since I was in a pinch to make this, I wound up getting some of the jean buttons from Joann’s (Dritz brand) and they were HORRIBLE. Only half of them went together well and I wound up having to go back and buy more so I had enough. If I ever do something like this again, I’ll definitely order something else online because this brand was waste of money.

Sadly, the fit on this is HUGE. My dressform is a size 8 and the waistband slides down to the top of the hips, which is exactly what it did on Taylor. Because I had pre-shrunk the fabric already, it wouldn’t shrink down anymore after washing either. It’s also rather dowdy on Taylor too – it’s just not youthful enough for her… I think it’s a cross between the fabric (it needs some distressing or something) and the length (it needs to be several inches shorter). So sadly, this skirt is a wadder. I do think it would be cute in a corduroy and some boots for fall, but the denim (and the sizing) just doesn’t work.

2 thoughts on “Wadder

  1. Adrianne

    The skirt looks cute. Too bad it didn’t fit! I have had so many problems with sizing seamwork patterns. Unfortunately, I’m not an experienced enough sewer to fix my problems. If you do make this skirt again, I hope you post about the modifications that you make.

  2. Kathy

    I know you have success with Seamwork, but I have not. I have had bad experience with Collette patterns, too, and won’t use them again.

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