Have You Seen?

I’ve been a big fan of Cricut since I purchased my machine a little over a year ago. My original intent was to be able to embellish shirts that I’ve made… however, it’s come in handy for whipping up last minute gifts and I’ve enjoyed making cards and a few papercraft items too. Now Cricut is targeting a new audience – sewists! Have you seen the new Cricut Maker?

Basically this little machine can cut a wide variety of materials – from chipboard to fabric. They even have several projects that you can purchase (largely Simplicity patterns that are geared toward babies, lots of plush, a few small bags, and quilts). I’ve been very tempted to put this on my wishlist, but so far most of the projects just don’t appeal to me – especially since this machine sports a $399 price tag.

What I am anxious to see is what comes next as far as projects go. At some point independents will start designing patterns\cut files and I think that’s where some really interesting projects can be made. And since cutting is my least favorite part of sewing, this may help knock off some time doing my least favorite activity (not to mention that it will be very precise!). So, what about everyone else? Has anyone broken down and gotten this new machine yet?

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    1. stacy Post author

      OOOh, I never thought about lingerie – but you’re right, it would be good! I did see someone cutting intricate leather designs for keychains yesterday – I thought that was brilliant, too!

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