Espresso Patronum!

When your neighbor picks you up a pizza stone at the store because you told her you were watching artisan pizza videos on Craftsy, you get the overwhelming urge to make something awesome for her. Since she refused to have me pay her back, I decided to give her a unique mug that she can use while she’s drinking coffee and reading a book on her deck in the mornings. She’s as big of a Harry Potter fan as what I am so I found this Espresso Patronum SVG on Etsy  but wound up having to split the design (saying on the front, image on the back) so that everything would fit, be readable, and weed easily. I wound’t suggest going much smaller than this, though. The lines on the wand and cup are pretty fine and a bit tricky to work with.

Overall, a fun little project to work on…. I think I may need to make one for myself now!