Beloved Knock-offs

Have you ever seen Beloved shirts? Basically they are a website that sells “all over” printed shirts, hoodies, “onesies”, and even swimsuits…. and they are always in crazy prints (you can even custom print your own designs). Easton loved some of their jackets so much that he’s been asking for them for quite awhile, but I was inspired to make my own version after seeing some interesting fabric preorders.

Way back in January, I ordered a hamburger print French Terry from Pink Zeppelin Boutique. Since it was a pre-order it didn’t arrive until April and between the weather getting warmer and other projects taking precedence, I didn’t get to Easton’s project until now. This week, I started cutting out his funky jacket and opted to use Peek-a-boo Pattern’s High Five Hoodie for the base.  I’ve opted to go up a size larger than what he needs so that he doesn’t outgrow it and if he decides to layer his clothes, it’s not too tight, either. Since I have made this pattern before, I went back and looked at my notes and made a few modifications to the ribbing size this time around.

But what’s bonus is the fact that I ordered way too much fabric (I probably could have gotten by with 1 yard?) so I had just enough left over to make something for myself – a sweatshirt! For this, I wound up cutting out Jalie 3355 for the body and used some coordinating (color) trim for all the bands. Can I tell you how excited I am for this? Here’s more details on all the projects, as well as costs:

Pattern(s): Jalie 3355 and Peek-a-boo Pattern’s High Five Hoodie

Hamburger print French terry from Pink Zeppelin Boutique

Pattern….. stash
Fabric……. $48.52
Notions…. $2.50

Total $51.02