Bench Seat

Admittedly, this is a project that doesn’t photograph well, but I’m posting it anyway. You see, late this summer my mother-in-law asked if I would make her a cushion for a chest that she inherited. She placed it in her living room and decided that it might make for a good (extra) seating area for the holidays…. but it’s not very comfortable and they didn’t want it scratched. We went to the store, she picked out the fabric she wanted, and then it sat on my “to do pile” ever since. That is, until this weekend.

There’s not much else to say about this project. I didn’t use a pattern (I just winged it) and used a Velcro closure across the long edge so she can easily put the foam padding inside and wash the whole thing if necessary.  I wound up having enough material left over to make two matching pillow slipcovers – just don’t look at the backside because I had to have the fabric going a different direction so I could squeeze in enough fabric to do this!