Easy Modern Apron Pt. 1

I am a huge fan of Craftsy. I love the ease of being able to participate in a class that’s convenient to me (sometimes I don’t get to watch lessons until everyone is in bed) and with topics and designers I love. That’s why when I saw one of my favorite pattern makers and fabric designers had a new class online, I jumped at the chance to take it. Betz White has a new set of streaming videos on Craftsy called, The Easy Modern Apron. It’s a fast and fun series of videos that will take you through all the steps to make your own stylish apron (with helpful tips and tricks along the way that make it easier) that’s perfect for gift giving or to keep for yourself! Best of all, I have a coupon code for 50% off this class…. you can get yours for only $5! (you’ll find the coupon at the bottom of this post). Today’s post is a little about The Easy Modern Apron videos – I’ll save tomorrow for a “show and tell” of my version along with a review of the pattern.

Easty Modern Aprons is broken down into 4 streaming lessons. The first video is an introduction to the designer, an overview of the pattern, and then learning how to cut the skirt. Pattern pieces are provided for the bib sections, however the skirt will need to be cut using a ruler (a rotary cutter makes it so much easier too). If you’ve never manually cut your own pieces, especially ones that are at an angle, then you’ll find this section particularly helpful.

The second lesson demonstrates how to construct the pockets, attach the skirt, and place the hems. The pockets are an optional feature, but who doesn’t love the ability to place their recipe card someplace safe when you’re not using it?

Lesson Three covers the construction of the bib (which as pretty princess seams) and neck ties and how to put them all together. I found that there was a particularly helpful tip on pressing out those ties in this section. I won’t spoil it, but let’s just say that I’ll be heading to the hardware store this week!

The last section discusses how to construct the waistband and attaching everything together…. and all this is done in about an hour! I chose to watch my videos first then construct my apron, but this would be a great work along with the videos, too. I’ll show you my end result tomorrow!

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for: The code (which is a clickable link) for 50% off your Easy Modern Apron Craftsy class! This coupon is only valid for this class, can not be combined with any other coupons and expires October 24, 2017.