Flamingo Harbor Knot

Every now and again we get glimpses of fall when the cool air takes over the early morning hours (I wouldn’t know it’s happening, but I have to take the dog out about that time). That means, I’m in a rush to finish all those summertime projects. My latest? Another Harbor Knot Tank…. this one is just for me.

This time I used a flamingo print DBP from So Sew English Fabrics. While this is a lovely material to work with, it is a good thing that this is a tank because it’s a bit on the warm side as far as retaining body heat. Construction on this tank was substantially easier the second time around, making this one come together much more quickly than my first one. Now that I’m done with the tanks, I’m seriously contemplating making a Harbor Knot Tee for fall – I think I may need to jump on this before I forget how to put this pattern together!