Kwik Sew Legging

I cheated on my favorite legging pattern and now I’m paying the price.

You see, last year I had a great pair of (purchased) black, capri length leggings. They were great to wear under tunic like shirts while the weather was still warmish. They finally got unrepairable holes in them and I had to give them up. So this year, I decided to make my own. In an extreme bout of laziness, I decided that I would use Kwik Sew 3636, which I already had on hand (and traced, but never used) instead of just modifying the length of Jalie 2920. I now regret my decision.

Even though I used the size that corresponded with my measurements, the Kwik Sew pattern is way too baggy on me… which is saying something because I have thick thighs. I believe have spent more time trying to shave this pattern down to get it to fit “correctly” than what I have actually putting it together…. and I haven’t even tackled the waistband. *Sigh*

Lesson learned, stick with you’re favorites. You’ll never be disappointed.

One thought on “Kwik Sew Legging

  1. Kathy

    Ugh, I have that exact KS pattern and was planning on using it this fall. It certainly doesnt look baggy on the front! Well, I trust you and I will order the Jalie pattern. My time and energy are more important than trying to make an ill fitting pattern work. Thanks, Stacey

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