Donut Worry These Leggings Are Calorie Free

While I had big plans on Friday to accomplish a ton of projects, I wound up cleaning house…. and it too the entire day. I guess too much summer fun will do that to you.

Since we wound up “goofing off” the entire weekend, I only found the time for one project, more Jalie leggings! As soon as I purchased this print (it looks as if it is currently sold out but I got mine from So Sew English fabrics), I knew that I wanted to make a pair (fortunately the cut was generous and the fabric is wide, so I think I have enough to make at least the sleeves on a shirt later). One thing I do want to point out is that while this print has a 4-way stretch, it isn’t as generous in both directions so the area around the knees feels tight is you are kneeling or bending…. but they’re still a fun pair!