More last minute room decorating this week produced these two signs (using the Cricut):

Taylor stained both wood plaques (then roughed up the smallest one to give it more of a vintage feel). I purchased the “Good Day” SVG on Etsy and made the “Babe Cave” myself though Design Space.

Now, let me tell you about the vinyl. My initial selection (for Good Day) was a Metallic Adhesive Foil… for the life of me I could not get my machine to thoroughly cut through the vinyl – I tried several times, each with a different setting and wound up wasting the entire roll (good thing it came in a mystery box otherwise I might have been more upset). Then I cut it in a pretty, purple glitter vinyl… which Taylor hated (it cut perfectly though, so I may do something with it for my niece). In the end, we just made it in plain white vinyl (not even the outdoor kind).