Tie Dye

With school starting this month, we decided that this past week would be a good time for a getaway with the kids…. which explains the lack of posting and sewing activity. We did, however, sneak in some time to tie dye some tees. I had purchased this kit around Memorial Day and we finally put it to good use:

This was a completely different kit that what we’ve done in the past. Normally we use the soda ash to soak the shirts then wet dye it, however, this one had nothing but the actual dyes and we applied it to dry shirts. I was skeptical as to how they would turn out, but even after a wash, I think they look pretty good. ¬†And if you’re wondering, the onesie isn’t a hint that I’ll be doing future baby sewing – it’s for a friend of Taylor’s that just had a little boy this week.