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Back to School

And just like that, summer is over. Today is the first day of school for Easton which means that I can finally catch up on all the things that I’ve been behind on for months…. starting with an article that is due very soon (sorry no sneaks of this one) followed a massive sewing marathon to sewing down that fabric stash that’s been accumulating since May.

But first, time to unearth my sewing room – even with not regularly sewing this summer, it’s managed to become a mess… how does that even happen?

Latest News

I honestly had very good intentions of posting yesterday, but I got a phone call early in the morning from Taylor saying that she made it into nursing school this semester! She had been on the waiting list, but after summer transcripts became official, she got notice that there was a spot for her – I am so thrilled and so proud! Then it turned to panic – the new semester starts in a week an a half so we had a bunch of stuff that needed done immediately (who knew nursing school needed background checks, drug screens, physicals, etc?).

But putting my proud mama moment aside, I’m sure you really want to know what I was going to post about yesterday: My latest project in Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine, embroidered leggings. This was a fun little project to make and really transforms a basic pair of leggings into something more high end. Of course, you could do the same thing with a pair of pants as well. Either way, it’s a very trendy look and I’m dying for this pair to come back to me so I can wear it this fall…. I just wish they could send me the top and shoes too!

Linky Thursday

I haven’t made a wrap skirt in age, but this pattern may convince me to give it a go again.

If you loved the look of my Harbor Knot Tank the other day, then you’ll be excited to learn that It’s Always Autumn has a free knot tee available for download. This is only in a size large, but looks easy enough to customize for a more personal fit.

Unicorns are everywhere this year so why not whip up a fleecy unicorn hat to keep the chill off this fall\winter?

Get ready for back to school by whipping up a few of these scrap friendly pencil bags. Looking for a bag that is a little more sophisticated? Then be sure to check out this Stationary Pouch tutorial.

With back-to-school starting for so many, there may not be a lot of road trips in everyone’s future, but your back seat can still stay organized with one of these.

This running band provides handy storage for your phone (or other small essentials) so you can listen to your favorite music while you’re on the go.

I am getting ready to make a box cushion for my mother-in-law. I had a different concept in mind, but this video tutorial makes it look even easier.

Making a convertible travel wrap allows you to wear the same garment in a variety of ways (and stay warm in highly airconditioned places).

Make an adorable stuffy with this Malcolm the Dog pattern.

There seems to be a lot of babies being born (at least around here) recently. These adorable baby booties would make the perfect gift.

Every little girl needs a twirly skirt – and this one is so easy to make, too. But wait, need one in an adult size? Then check out this circle skirt tutorial.

This funky bean bag chair would make a great seat in a reading nook.

I’ve made eye spy bags in the past but this Harry Potter version is definitely a fun themed twist!

This initial pillow says it’ geared toward little girls, but I can totally see whipping one up for a dorm room.


More last minute room decorating this week produced these two signs (using the Cricut):

Taylor stained both wood plaques (then roughed up the smallest one to give it more of a vintage feel). I purchased the “Good Day” SVG on Etsy and made the “Babe Cave” myself though Design Space.

Now, let me tell you about the vinyl. My initial selection (for Good Day) was a Metallic Adhesive Foil… for the life of me I could not get my machine to thoroughly cut through the vinyl – I tried several times, each with a different setting and wound up wasting the entire roll (good thing it came in a mystery box otherwise I might have been more upset). Then I cut it in a pretty, purple glitter vinyl… which Taylor hated (it cut perfectly though, so I may do something with it for my niece). In the end, we just made it in plain white vinyl (not even the outdoor kind).

Euro Sham

Since Taylor is moving in with friends this year, they are all working hard to make their house look as adorable as possible. Of course, my child waits until last minute for me to make things…. The latest? A Euro pillow (26 x26″ square) and curtains (not shown) for her room.

There’s not much to say about these projects except that the pillow form was purchased from Target and I’m pretty sure it’s not really 26″. I didn’t measure it before I started, but I know my measurements are correct and it fits very loosely. I also made this a slipcover so that it could be easily removed and washed. Now onto the next projects – which use the Cricut instead!

Weekend Wrap-Up

After a week of cramming in as much fun as we can before the new school year starts, we wrapped it up with one more activity: The Walker Stalker Con

We spent our time watching panels, geeked out over the celebrity interviews, “shopped” all the quirky things venders had to offer, and got Easton hooked on the Alice isn’t Dead podcast. With all our summer fun just about over, that means I’m ready to get back into the groove and finish some projects! But first, who wants to come over and clean my sewing room?

Tie Dye

With school starting this month, we decided that this past week would be a good time for a getaway with the kids…. which explains the lack of posting and sewing activity. We did, however, sneak in some time to tie dye some tees. I had purchased this kit around Memorial Day and we finally put it to good use:

This was a completely different kit that what we’ve done in the past. Normally we use the soda ash to soak the shirts then wet dye it, however, this one had nothing but the actual dyes and we applied it to dry shirts. I was skeptical as to how they would turn out, but even after a wash, I think they look pretty good.  And if you’re wondering, the onesie isn’t a hint that I’ll be doing future baby sewing – it’s for a friend of Taylor’s that just had a little boy this week.

Floral Jane

Since fall styles are already in stores I’ve been scoping out what’s trendy for the season – it seems as if lots of florals (especially paired up with stripes) are in…. luckily I picked up a few with my last KnitPop purchase.

I opted to use Seamwork’s Jane for this tee – it has a more relaxed fit (which seemed very similar to what I’ve been seeing in stores) and a burgundy floral double brushed poly (which was an extra that I got with this order because I was one of the first 50 to purchase that night). Once again everything came together well and I like the overall fit on this shirt. Because it’s still so hot, I plan on wearing this with a pair of white shorts until it cools off enough for jeans.