Harbor Knot Tank

While surfing on Instagram, Taylor stumbled across a photo and asked if I could make her a similar tank to the one she saw. It instantly reminded me of the Harbor Knot, so I bought it (One thing I should mention is that the tank is an add-on to the Harbor Knot Tee – you’ll need to buy both to make this top because the knot portion of the instructions is included in the tee only).

For the fabric, I wound up using a tie dye rayon spandex that I had picked up earlier in the year from Joann – it has a great drape and very soft hand and seemed perfect for this project.

As for the pattern, this one is rated Advanced Beginner. I might tend to agree, although I struggled to figure out the knot portion of the instructions, initially. Thankfully, there is a video tutorial (the link is included in the PDF) on how to put this section together that cleared things up (I found the photos helpful up to the sewing the knot section and then couldn’t make out what to do). And the fit? I like it. It may be a tad longer than what I anticipated, but I think it works since the know hikes it up quite a bit on the side. Do beware that the underarms are a little on the low side so you may have to make an adjustment here if you find that your bra peeks through some.

Overall a totally different take on a traditional racerback tank. I feel like once you get the gist of how the knot is constructed, sewing this one will go pretty quickly too. Keep your eyes peeled for another version and I think I need one too!