Fabric In

When I can’t sew, I find myself dreaming up ideas and then buy lots of fabric….. as you can tell, this is the bind I’m in.

This is my latest order from Knitpop – a serape knit, several florals, and black and knit solid. I had the idea that I needed some pretty floral tees (and maybe a romper) like I’ve been seeing in stores lately. I did manage to wash all of this up and prep it for my ideas, but that’s about as far as I’ve been able to get….. so I ordered several yards of fun prints from SoSewEnglish (my first time ordering, but it that has yet to ship it out). I also had some Peek-a-boo fabric (pre-order, although they are all in her shop right now) arrive the other day as well – these prints were ordered quite awhile ago and are specifically for Easton for back-to-school fun tees.