Bling Slides

Sometimes I make things and they have absolutely nothing to do with sewing. Most recently, I saw a pair of bling Nike slides and decided that I needed some, but could easily make them myself….. and now I realize why they are $90. My version isn’t half as awesome as theirs.

So, some things I learned from this:

Use small rhinestones. Mine were 5mm (which was the smallest available at the time) and I think I could have easily gone down one or two more. Swarovski crystals would have been much nicer and shinier, too (but definitely more expensive).

Use VERY SMALL seed pearls for the base of the shoe. I thought the ones that I got were tiny, but they are not tiny enough – they let a lot of the shoe base show through.

Speaking of shoe bases…. white would be best. That will give you a lot of fudge room and make the pearls look fuller.

I thought the easiest route was to place the larger beads down first, then apply the seed pearls. This was way too difficult and left some spots bare around the larger pearls. Instead apply a layer of the seed beads and then place everything else on top.

Use fresh glue. I started with an old tube of E6000 that was very thick and had lots of clumping issues. Once I got a new tube, it was much easier to spread (but much, much messier).