Indigo Halter

It’s July, which means 2 things:

One, I’m about over summer… It’s hot and it’s not necessarily my favorite season to sew for. Two, I realized that I am way behind on the things that I did plan on sewing – like a new swimsuit.

While I have several patterns that I wanted to try, what I really wanted this year was a halter style top. In hindsight, I probably could have modified a pattern than I already had, but why reinvent the wheel when there is already the perfect pattern out there? So, this weekend I picked up Swim Style’s Indigo.

While I don’t plan on using the bottoms, the top perfectly fit my needs – plus it had a really cute tie back. The instructions were great and everything came together without a hitch. Now about the fit – it is a slim (for lack of a better word) fit across the sides. After looking at commercial swim halter tops, I realized that is just how they typically look. While it works ok for the most part for me, I found that it is really necessary to pull the strings tightly around my neck so that it pulls the top more snugly across the bottom and the sides which will reduce side boob slips. I think that using the clasps would reduce this greatly, but, honestly, it wouldn’t look as cute. I also omitted the bra cups from both versions – I didn’t think it was necessary (I may eat my words later) and made me feel the top feel more snug (but not in a good way).

This didn’t stop me from making this top twice though. As soon as Taylor saw me making the top she asked if she could “model” this one for me (which is code word for “This will be mine”), so I wound up giving her the first version (shown on the left) and I made a second one (shown on the right). I will say that the second time around I was more careful with design placement and used a slightly different elastic (firmer) which seemed to help the fit some as well.