Somehow 20 (yes, 20, I know, I’m in shock too) years have flown by and it’s this girl’s birthday today.

This year Taylor requested that I make her cake (don’t judge, I’m not a skilled decorator) and decided that we should recreate the same photo that we took when she was 4. The result? Awesome.

In addition to baking, I also sat down and made a pair of shorts for her. When she saw the cover for Sew Caroline’s Weekend Style, she fell in love with the Saturday Morning Shorts – how could I resist not whipping up a pair for her birthday?

While the shorts turned out adorable, I will admit had a few issues with this pattern. First off, I never could find the seam allowance – I’m sure it was in the book somewhere, I just never could find it. After skimming a few parts of the book (specifically the part about French seams), I figured that it must be 1/2″ and went with that.

Secondly, the printing for the front of the shorts was missing several sizes. I haven’t seen errata for this book, so I am assuming it was a printing error on my part(?) although the back pattern printed off just fine. Fortunately, the size I needed was one of the ones that did print so I didn’t investigate further (yet) as to what the issue was.

Lastly, I had no idea how much elastic to cut for the size I made. The expectation is that you’ll measure yourself and cut accordingly, but since this was a gift (and I didn’t measure Taylor beforehand so that this would be a surprise), I had no idea…. so I winged it. Hopefully they fit.

Aside from these issues, this was a super quick and easy pair of shorts to make….. I’m kind of wishing I had a pair myself, now!