Around here, June is “Birthday Month”… not only is it Father’s Day, but we have 5 birthdays (and one that is on July 1st) to celebrate too. I don’t always make gifts for the occasion, but this year I decided to whip up a few to make them a bit more special:

First off I embellished 3 tumblers: One for my niece (I absolutely love this font on these bottles) and nephew and one for Taylor with the WSU Wushock (her name is also on the back). The Woo was definitely the hardest to work on with me needing 3 attempts before finally liking the way it turned out.

I also made a pool bag for my niece. I purchased a cute tote from Michaels and added the Aloha Summer SVG (free this week) to one side. Unfortunately, it somehow turned out wrinkled in the end – I am guessing I used such high heat for so long that it stretched the fabric some. I didn’t even attempt to fix it because I’m pretty sure if I did, I’d ruin the whole thing.

Lastly, I made a coffee tin (and stuffed it with goodies) for my mom who requested a new coffee pot this year (she hate the Keurig I got her for Christmas so I bought her a “regular” one too).

I’ll probably make one more tumbler before I’m done as I have another nephew’s birthday and still haven’t decided what to do for it. Thank goodness it’s a few weeks away before I have to decide!