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Links for the Weekend

Need a quick gift for dad this Father’s Day? Stitch them up the perfect apron or try my classic BBQ apron.

Rompers are hot again this year. Make your own version with this free pattern & video tutorial (you may need to translate the page, though).

Put those fabric scraps to good use and whip up a few of these fabric platters or this charm pack notebook cover.

If one of your Father’s Day traditions is giving dad a tie, be sure to check out this tutorial on how to make a bow tie for men.

It’s sundress month again at Melly Sews – stop by each day in the month of June and check out all the fabulous patterns\tutorials for women and girls like this pretty lounge dress.

If you have a large railing this bunting tutorial is the perfect way to show your patriotic pride this 4th of July. No railing but still want to show your patriotism? Then be sure to check out this great table runner.

Need a new suit? This easy bikini isn’t just free, it looks to sew up fast (btw, does anyone else have problems with viewing the SewMamaSew site besides me?). If you’re looking for more coverage, try this one piece version instead (only comes in a size 10).

For those that are in the military or have served, this pillow is a special way to display their uniform.

Stop by SewCanShe to learn how to make this springy daisy mini quilt plus enter to win a fabric bundle! While you’re there, you can also enter to win to plush toy kits as well.

Shorts for girls don’t have to be short to be cute. Check out this simple ruffled version that’s great for summer playing.

This divided fabric basket is perfect for road trips or just keeping your car organized throughout the year.

New SVG Shop

I know. Today is Thursday (last week I totally forgot because of the holiday), which means that normally I would run my Linky Thursday post (don’t worry, I’ll be back tomorrow with all the great links!). However, today,  Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop launched their new Digital Design Shop and to celebrate they are running a “Buy 3, Get 1 Free” sale…. PLUS I get to show you all the cool designs that I tested for her!

My favorite of the bunch had to be Fabric Addict (for obvious reasons) which I made in a glitter vinyl and placed on a purchased tank (I also saw this on a bag and thought it was fabulous too). I also made an adorable onesie for a baby shower using the Worth the Wait SVG…. and then couldn’t resist using it again with a metallic HTV on a pair of undies (think funny bachelorette gifts). Being a soccer mom, I also had to try out the Soccer Mom design. Since we spend a lot of time outdoors, I put this on a visor in Easton’s team colors. Lastly, in preparation for Father’s Day, I made a Grill Master beer mug…. I suppose now I’ll have to gift this with a few beers as well.



Around here, June is “Birthday Month”… not only is it Father’s Day, but we have 5 birthdays (and one that is on July 1st) to celebrate too. I don’t always make gifts for the occasion, but this year I decided to whip up a few to make them a bit more special:

First off I embellished 3 tumblers: One for my niece (I absolutely love this font on these bottles) and nephew and one for Taylor with the WSU Wushock (her name is also on the back). The Woo was definitely the hardest to work on with me needing 3 attempts before finally liking the way it turned out.

I also made a pool bag for my niece. I purchased a cute tote from Michaels and added the Aloha Summer SVG (free this week) to one side. Unfortunately, it somehow turned out wrinkled in the end – I am guessing I used such high heat for so long that it stretched the fabric some. I didn’t even attempt to fix it because I’m pretty sure if I did, I’d ruin the whole thing.

Lastly, I made a coffee tin (and stuffed it with goodies) for my mom who requested a new coffee pot this year (she hate the Keurig I got her for Christmas so I bought her a “regular” one too).

I’ll probably make one more tumbler before I’m done as I have another nephew’s birthday and still haven’t decided what to do for it. Thank goodness it’s a few weeks away before I have to decide!


Get Groovy

This weekend kicked off our city’s 9 day Riverfest event. Weather permitting, we tend to spend a lot of time outside enjoying the festivities – and it can get really hot. Which means, it’s perfect tank top weather! I decided, last minute, to finally try out George & Ginger’s Groove Tank and use a Dolce & Gabbana panel (I can’t believe they still have some!) that I had picked up quite some time ago from Elliot Berman.

First off, let me say, I loved this panel…. it was generous. Not only was there enough for the front of the tank, but the back and bindings as well. The only thing that I didn’t care for is that the material has a faded\washed ‘design’ to it so when the back is pieced, you notice the seam because the colors don’t blend well. One thing to note as well, the material is very thin, so you’ll want to make sure you use a smaller needle with this one.

Now for the pattern. First off, I should let you know I sized this one up. After looking at the model photos, I noticed that the bust seemed tight on some – then I read the finished measurements and saw that the Groove Tank had negative ease, so going up one size definitely made for a more flattering fit. The second thing I did was take 1 1/2″ off the hem. While the tank would make a nice tunic length top, it was way too long on me to wear with a pair of shorts. As for construction, this tank was really easy to put together; the instructions were good and pieces came together without a hitch.

Overall, the Groove Tank was a fun sew and I liked the end results. I’ll probably make another one of these before the summer is out!

G&G Confidence

The past several weeks I had the opportunity to pattern test part of George & Ginger’s upcoming patterns. Unfortunately, I did not test out any in the current Confidence Collection patterns, but am wishing I would have gotten to try out the Hot Pants because they are super cute (and seem to flatter everyone).

I did, however, test 3 other designs, one of which will appear in a few weeks (2 didn’t “make the cut”, one of which is a shame because I totally loved that look on me). Until then, don’t forget to grab yours on sale through Friday…. and keep an eye for those shorts from me because I am thinking they are calling my name!

Thankful Top

Yesterday I found a little bit of time to sew and really wanted an “instant gratification project” – something that I could work on for an hour or two and come out with something completed. I rummaged through my pile of patterns and came up with George & Ginger’s Thankful Top (FYI, it’s free, you can download it here). When this pattern was released a few month’s ago, I was really attracted to the back, which has a deep, V-shape back…. a fun way to show off those pretty bralettes.

I wound up using a gray French Terry from Joann. I had picked up this fabric on a whim while shopping awhile ago because it was a good “basic” fabric, a nice weight, and had great stretch and recovery. My end result, ‘meh’. I honestly think I have a problem using solid fabrics because even though this has a great back, the rest is just blah. Plus the neckline wants to slip off of my shoulders and I hate feeling like I’m fighting with my clothes (plus I feel like an 80’s throwback to Flashdance).

All was not lost though – Taylor saw me snapping these photos and fell in love with it. Not only does she love solids, but loved the fact you could wear this off the shoulder and adored the back. Needless to say, I passed this one off to her and probably won’t be making more in the future.