Modal Drop Pocket Cardi

While it’s definitely a lot warmer around here, we still have a few chilly days (and nights)…. so how do you keep warm while you’re wearing your new Rova? Why make a new cardigan, of course!

A little over a month ago, I had plans to start Jalie’s Drop Pocket Cardigan – if you remember, this was the Pacific Blue Modal fabric from Joann’s that gave me sticker shock when I bought it (over $30 on sale). So, let me start out with the fabric….. it’s nice. Not only does it feel good, but it has fantastic drape and sews up fairly well (it is a bit “slippery” to work with, but if you take your time sewing, it is fine). It also has a fantastic ‘sheen’ to it. Unfortunately, when paired up with the fabric I used for the Rova, it makes the Rova material look cheap (and sort of like the two don’t quite go together very well).

As for sewing, this cardigan pattern is one of my favorites…. it just looks great on and is fun to sew. Plus it has pockets that aren’t just functional, but are a design element. While it definitely has a dressier feel to it than the casual Rova I made yesterday, I can’t help but want to wear this all the time – I love the color so much! Fortunately, I was hanging it in my closet and discovered another dress (more on that next week) that it matches perfectly, too.