Finally, a Rova

After what has been an incredibly crazy, busy start the summer, I’m happy to say that it slowed down just enough yesterday for me to sit down and sew something for myself. I’ve been itching to make the Rova since it was released so I decided that I would spend the day working on it.

Quite a while ago I had set aside the Navajo print from my December knit fix for the Rova because I thought that it seemed to have the right vibe for this pattern. I will say that this particular fabric is a bit on the thin side – I think that it works for fine for this pattern because anything too thick would make sewing the bindings (around the neck, arms, and pockets) bulky, but otherwise…. it’s very flimsy and stretches out of shape easily (as evidence of my poor pockets that don’t lay nicely).

As for the pattern itself, once again, Jalie has put together another great one. The Rova was easy to put together and fits well. However, I think that I’ll wind up taking this one up a bit more in the skirt – there is a lot of print going on and making it a little shorter might be easier on the eyes. I am also in need of a better tie. I somehow forgot that I would need one and wound up using a white shoelace when I put it on my mannequin. One thing that I will point out for construction is that I only needed one “square” for the continuous binding strip and not two as noted on the pattern (that may be due to careful cutting or just luck, but I thought I might point it out so you didn’t make too much in the end).

Will I make this again? You bet! However, I think I’m trying this one without the pockets and using the elastic waist instead. This is a great casual look that’s perfect for my summer wardrobe.