The Vacation Dress

The other day I had mentioned that I was starting George & Ginger’s ┬áVacation Dress for a wedding reception this weekend…. and today I present the end result!

Overall this dress was very easy to put together, but the fabric? That is another story. This was my first time sewing on Liverpool – the best way to describe it is a textured knit that sort of resembled a crepe. It has great stretch, but this particular fabric really wanted to stretch out of shape. Unfortunately, there is a wavy part along the white trim that I couldn’t quite tame – it looks fine when worn, but I think it’s still noticeable. Needless to say, I will probably not be sewing with this fabric again.

As for the pattern, it’s super cute. I can’t see myself making a ton of these, though since it is such a distinctive style (it would be fun in a cute, tropical print). But this dress is perfect for the weekend.