Up Next: The Vacation Dress

As you may have gathered from yesterday’s post, we have a wedding reception to attend…. which means, I need a dress! Originally, I had hoped to make a design from the most recent issue of Burda Style magazine, but the material I had originally ordered for it was delayed in shipping (because one of my other fabrics wasn’t in stock until later in the week) and it wound up being a 1/2 yard shorter that what I wanted. I took it anyway because I loved the print, but I may still be able to eek out the dress I want in the yardage that I received.

Since my original plans didn’t work out quite like I had intended, I decided that I needed a new plan for a dress. I happened to see the pattern designer for George & Ginger post about her latest Vacation Dress and I knew it was perfect. Plus, the pattern was on sale, making it an even better idea! I wound up ordering the same style of fabric that she used (Liverpool) and now have everything ready to get started. Here’s a few quick details about this project.

Pattern….. $5.25
Fabric……. $21.00
Notions…. stash

Total $26.25