Picnic Placemats

Yesterday I spent the day putting together my sister-in-law’s wedding present (nothing like a little last minute sewing, right?). They didn’t have a registry so I tried to come up with something unique and wound up with the idea of putting together a picnic basket. They live in an area ┬áthat has beautiful spots to hang out in and I can see them taking advantage of it this summer.

The first thing I made them were some fun wine glasses. I had seen something similar online and recreated this in design space. It’s a shame that the photo doesn’t show that I used a holographic vinyl for the ring because is sparkles like a diamond in the light! I also whipped up a personalized water bottle for their daughter to take with them too (I forgot to snap a picture).

Next, I made the Picnic Placemats that I had mentioned a few weeks ago in a Linky Thursday post. I was very excited to work on this project because for quite some time I have been itching to make placemats with a pocket for silverware. With that said, I did have a bit of sticker shock when they totaled up my fabrics\notions for this project: everything was on sale (or I had used a coupon) and it still came out to $34.50. I honestly thought that this would come out to under $20, but I realize that it is still cheaper than buying napkins and placemats from a store (plus they wouldn’t roll up and wouldn’t be in the color\style I wanted). The other thing that surprised me is how long it took me to make them. It still only took a day, but I thought that it would be a much faster sew (I blame the napkins and the fact that I had to go back to the store for more ribbon). Overall, this was still an easy project to complete and I love the results…. however, if I make this again, I’ll be a little more aware of the time and cost it takes to make them!