More Star Wars

Last week I was so excited to share my Star Wars Day shirt for Easton, I neglected to post about my own…..

This year, I went all out and made a complete outfit. I had some of the same Sugar Skull material as what I used for Easton, but in a different colorway (yay, pink!) and decided to make an awesome pair of Jalie leggings. When I purchased this material I got only 1 yard, which is just shy of how much fabric is needed for this pattern. Usually this isn’t a problem, however between my already reduced yardage and shrinkage during washing, I was definitely a bit short this time around. To make it work, I wound up reducing the rise about an 1″ and carefully cut from end to end to squeeze it all in. Fortunately it worked and I actually like where the new waistband hits on this version.

I also made a shirt with the same logo as Easton’s, but I made mine in black glitter. I can not tell you how much I love this teeĀ – I may used black glitter on everything I make now. By the way, I did take a shortcut on the shirt and used a purchased one.