Naked Nico

Today I have determined that unembellished tees are not a bad thing. With all the activities going on at school, looming deadlines, and a mountain of laundry that finally needs washing, I neglected to put something on my latest Nico¬†and have sent Easton off to school wearing it…. with a naked front. I figured that since it’s a 3/4 sleeve and today’s temperatures are cool again, I had better get him in it before it gets back up into the 80s next week. The best part was after he got dressed he asked, “Where did you buy this shirt? This is my favorite kind of shirt” (as he was pointing to the sleeve length). He was surprised to hear that I made it (really?) and requested more of this style.

With that said, I am seriously contemplating whipping up a “May the 4th” tee for tomorrow (and\or a pair of leggings and shirt for me)…. I mean, they whip up in like an hour, I can squeeze that in, right?