This weekend, I attempted to multi-task: While working on the massive embroidery project (which is still not done, agh!), I also tried to squeeze in teacher appreciation gifts. While I had no real intentions on making anything this year, classes received a letter last week from PTO about a week long (themed) event they had put together…. so I caved (we also got our awesome counselor as well, which is why you are seeing double).

Today’s theme was favorite flower…. fortunately they both like daisies which were easy to come across at the store. I also snagged two terracotta pots and then surfed Pinterest for some ideas. My favorite was the “Thanks for helping me grow” pot with a painted ruler along the top lip of the pot. Fortunately I had everything on hand to make this (and acrylic paint dries fast on clay). I use a combination of sharpie (for the top edge) and the Cricut (for the wording on the pot and the plant stakes). The end results are pretty cute, but my wording is way too big, IMHO…. I guess it stands out, though!

Fortunately tomorrow is favorite candy, which gives me a few days to work on a few other items. WHEW!