Why is it when you have a lot of work to do (or in my case, deadlines), you’re inspired to make all the things?

I am currently working on a massive embroidery project that requires hours (and hours and hours) of stitching (and tons of thread changes) so my actual sewing time has been fairly limited (the end result is totally worth it, IMHO)…. although I have been doing quite a bit of planning! In fact, while I’ve been working, my order of vinyl arrived (Speedy Vinyl isn’t kidding when they say they are speedy – I got mine the same day I ordered!) so I hope to finally add a graphic to the Nico that I made the other day. And did you check out that awesome rainbow vinyl? I have no idea how I will use it, but I can’t wait to try it out!

I also discovered another custom fabric group that is selling….. Bob’s Burger’s material. I am attempting to contain myself because, well, it’s Bob’s Burgers, Speaking of custom prints I received my food prints from Pink Zeppelin Boutique (Stacked Tacos and Burgers in a French Terry) which will eventually become a Beloved style tee and hoodie.

Now it’s time to get back to work so I can start making all these ideas into a reality! What’s on your agenda this weekend?