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Even though they have stopped selling them for quite some time, I am still making my way through a lot of my Girl Charlee Knit Fix bags. Some of the prints I have been saving for “just the right project” and others I never knew what to do with. However, I finally found a project for a brown and teal Navajo fabric that I received in a December (2015) bag (it’s the upper left hand print in the link)….. Jalie’s Rova.

While I wasn’t initially fond of this print, I think it will totally work well with this pattern. Since we’ve still been having cool weather, I decided that I might pair this one up with a cardigan as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy the new Jalie pattern, so I’m going with my favorite so far – the drop pocket cardi. While deciding on the pattern was easy, finding a blue that might match the Navajo print was another story. I wound up selecting this Pacific Blue Modal which is about as close as I will get. My only initial complaint about this is my sticker shock when I paid for the material, which was over $30 on sale (it seemed sort of steep for Joann’s, I’m hoping the quality is worth it).

Now to get this project rolling (I’ll also post about total costs as I make these up) – this weekend was a whirlwind of activities… including Easton’s birthday (9, where did the time go?) that I didn’t even have time to think about sewing – now that’s a first!

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  1. SewRusty

    I’ve noticed that JoAnn’s is carrying a lot more knit fabric lately, and the quality seems like it might be better, but with the other options in town having better selection and reliable quality, I haven’t bought any of them (yet–that rayon with the stars and stripes will likely be coming home with me soon though 😉 ). I will be interested in your experience with the modal, since that’s supposed to be “the best”.

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